Wednesday, August 09, 2006

AVP-HR opening at Noida

Urgent opening for an AVP - HR (Employee Relations) position with a CMM - 5 Organisation in Noida.Please find below the JD of the position and interested candidates can send across their updated papers to: or
*Job Description
*Position purpose
There are two broad purposes to this role:
1.Operational Excellence: this involves the day-to-day administration of the organisation's policies & processes throughout the 6 locations of my Client. These activities would be accomplished through effective leadership and management of the site-ER team, the Shared Services team, and effective coordination with line managers.a.Examples of such activities: Ensuring that open houses are implemented in all locations, skip-level meetings conducted as per design, confirmation & appraisals completed on time, increments negotiated and are compliant with budgets, attrition related issues, handling disciplinary issues including issues from Background Checks etc, interviewing SG&A candidates, organising and participating in campus interview, supporting shared services on payroll, background checks etc.
2.Business Impact: this has two aspects:a.Strategic HR Impact: This requires leading the PCMM effort and influencing the senior management as well as business leaders to buy-into the strategic HR processes of Level 3 - the heart of which is a competency based system of HR practices.i.Examples: Career Development, Competency Analysis, Competency Development; Competency Based Compensation, Performance Management and Staffing; Participatory Culture, Workgroup Development, Workforce Planning etc
b.HR-Business Relationship: This calls for close coordination and rapport building with business leaders across the length and breadth of the organisation with a view to gaining a pulse of the organisation, assessing business realities, tailoring HR -processes to suit these realities; and also to leverage these relationships to gain HR influence on business leaders.
.2)Managing complexities of change with rapid growthPosition purpose per reporting position:ER India - VP HR:Providing status updates, coordination for implementation of the activities mentioned in the "Purpose" section and for ensuring alignment with overall global HR plan.Shared Services - ER India:India payroll processing, benefits administration, database updation issues and status.Regional ER Managers - ER IndiaExecution of all above-mentioned ER processes on the ground including PCMM process implementation and status updates.
Main accountabilities:Key accountabilities can be classified under 4 categories as under:
A)*Financial Accountabilities*1.Essentially Involves controlling attrition and ensuring spending is within budgets. ( Budgeting for the overall ER function is a key responsibility)B)
*Internal Process Accountabilities*1.Involves the design, implementation and institutionalisation of competency based HR processes of PCMM Level 3.2.Automation of the above processes (as far as possible) with help from the digitisation and KMantra team.
C)*Customer Accountabilities*1.This involves:a.Ensuring that the ER teams address employee needs within defined SLA parameters.b.Improve employee engagement though various initiatives (communication, rewards and recognition etc) and through well developed HR systems, policies and processesc.Partner with business heads and leaders to gain their trust, respect and buy-in into ER processes.
D)*People Management Accountabilities*1.Create a highly engaged ER team that is efficient at work and effective at execution2.Develop a pool of leaders with potential to take on higher roles.Dimensions (figures concerning budget, revenues etc.):for Extensive version onlyNumber of employees responsible for: 2800+, India strengthKey performance indicators (MEASURES quantitative AND qualitative):
1.Attrition rate
2.Employee Engagement Index
3.VOC measures from employees
4.Feedback from Business Heads and Leaders
6.Milestone achievement on PCMM
Education Undergraduate: Any. (Though a IT qualification would be nice-to-have.)Postgraduate: MBA (HR)FROM A GOOD INSTITUTE Experience12-15 years of work experience; preferably with 3-4 years of global HR exposure.TYPICAL CAREER GROWTH PATH Head ER, India Movement to other geos as HR HeadFinally Global HR Head

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